About Our Book Club

Welcome, Treasure Hunters, to our online book club.  Since you're here, you're probably wondering where you are.  No, your computer hasn't been kidnapped by mermaids (not that mermaids would ever do such a thing).  Where you are is at our online book club; it isn't really a blog (pay no attention to the fact that it's hosted by Blogger!).  This book club supplements the Emerys Treasure novel series with the adventures of Emerys' sister, Crystellen.  (Don't worry about starting at the beginning:  In a nutshell - Emerys Treasure is a mermaid, the guy she's sort-of-dating is Losten Deforest, and my book club posts are from the perspective of Emerys' sister Crystellen).  While my posts aren't from the actual novel, I thought it would be fun to show what's happening in Crystellen's world.  While this isn't the next novel in the Emerys Treasure series, everything should jive with my novel, "The Tale of Emerys Treasure" and its sequel. 

Probably the best way to think of this site is that it is a fan fiction site, except I'm the author and I want people's thoughts, opinions, ideas on what I've posted for that day, even if you haven't ready any of my previous posts.  You can even suggest ideas for how the story should go next. 

And (especially) if you get bored, please let me know that too! 


Cliffie Coates

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